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Khaos Theory - From The Darkness Of Khaos flac album

Khaos Theory - From The Darkness Of Khaos flac album
From The Darkness Of Khaos
Khaos Theory
Military, Industrial
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6. March of the Praetorian Americana. More By Khaos Theory. See All. From the Darkness of Khaos (2006 Demo). Blind Ambition - Single. Give Into Me - Single.

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The Khaos Theory by Khaos, released 25 August 2015 1. Intro 2. Midwest Finest 3. Wont B Stoppin 4. My Own Swag 5. Ridin, Smokin 6. Pages 7. 100% 8. Haterproof 9. Tha Lites 10. U Move Me 11. Khaos (He Who) 12. Yes Sir 13. Hey Shawty 14. Im Still Here 15. Chek 2 Chek 16. Quik Lik 17. No Hesitation 18. I Make Money 19. CEO 20. . Got it. + add. album.

Chaos (Ancient Greek: χάος, khaos) refers to the void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in the Greek creation myths, or to the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth. Greek χάος means "emptiness, vast void, chasm, abyss", from the verb χαίνω, "gape, be wide open, et., from Proto-Indo-European ǵheh2n-, cognate to Old English geanian, "to gape", whence English yawn.

Apocalypse Of Faith 12. Causes Of Death 13. Chansonia Vs. The Myth Of The Grey Mankind) 14. The Khaos Within 15. Paybakk. Download: Filefactory Turbobit. Category: Dark Electro, EBM. May-Fly.

KHAOS THEORY are a hard rock/metal band from Birmingham, UK. bandstheory. We regret to announce that Khaos Theory is no more! We've mutually agreed that the time is right - we're ending things on a high with Dave on vocals after playing some amazing shows with him, but after 5 years we feel as though we've pushed as far as we can go with this project 've achieved and are gutted this is all coming to an end - but it feels like the right.

Khaos was the lower atmosphere which surrounds the earth-both the invisible air and the gloom of fog and mist. The word khaos means "gap" or "chasm" being the space between heaven and earth. Khaos was the mother and grandmother of the other misty essences-Erebos (the mists of netherworld darkness), Aither (the ethereal mists of heaven), Nyx (the night) and Hemera (the day), as well as the numerous emotion-driving Daimones (Spirits) which haunted it. She was also a goddess of fate like her daughter Nyx and grand-daughters the Moirai (Moirae). Late classical authors redefined Khaos as the chaotic mix of elements which existed in the primordial universe, conflating it with the primal "Mud" of the Orphic cosmogony. The modern English word "chaos" derives from this.

The-Khaos-Theory 1 0 Thorne ~update~ lineart The-Khaos-Theory 1 0 Zephyr headshot 2 lineart The-Khaos-Theory 2 0 Felix The-Khaos-Theory 2 0 Everything Burns The-Khaos-Theory 0 0 As the wings of the butterfly beat The-Khaos-Theory 2 0 Where the Wind Blows The-Khaos-Theory 3 0 confessions of love 1: Fayt page3. The-Khaos-Theory 0 0 confessions of love 1: Fayt page2 The-Khaos-Theory 1 3 confessions of love 1: Fayt The-Khaos-Theory 1 2 Zephyr lineart The-Khaos-Theory 1 1 Vladamire lineart The-Khaos-Theory 1 0 Welcome to the Creed The-Khaos-Theory 0 0. Browse Gallery. i'm very sorry for the lack of updates and uploads i've have not been in the right mood for doing any work on Khaos Theory but i will start again soon.


1 From The Darkness Of Khaos 3:35
2 West Will Conquer 4:37
3 Khaos Theory 2:25
4 Feast Of Ashura 2:48
5 Jihad 5:20
6 March Of Praetorian Americana 3:43
7 Kein Entkommen 5:07
8 Black September 4:22
9 The Cloning 4:41
10 I Believe In Hatred 5:22
11 Day Of The Rope 4:16
  • Mr_Jeйson
The Khaos Theory's message its political and one should listen certainly or argue with the volume, before one arranges the volume rashly in the warehouse of blunt Bush's patriots what would be absolutely possible with song titles like " The west Will Conquer ", "Jihad" or " March Of The Praetorian Americana " and the unreflecting reception of these titles. Khaos Theory are namely far from advocates of the " American Way Of Life " and the hegemony striving of the US administration and know how to denounce their art as an expression just this policy and to expose. From the musical point of view " From The Darkness Of Khaos " its an incredibly multilayered album which reaches from Drones and Industrial flows as far as Gothic sounds and is to be outbidden in intensity almost hardly. Always provide with a lightly militarily heroic undertone, eleven pieces atmospherically reminds a musical crossbreed of the Italians Void of Silence and the Slovenes Laibach and nothing would reflect, however, the dance ability of the NSK group or the somber romantic atmosphere of the Italians in the tracks. Khaos Theory have created something quite own which together with the military appearance the volume might likely open to more Americans the eyes, because all asseverations of the opponents George W.Bushs. " From The Darkness Of Khaos " covers his class and his intensity from the unity of the album which is to be recommended without reservation.
  • Skilkancar
Khaos Theory is a military industrial metal band from NYC sounding sometimes like hardcore version of Laibach. "The concept for "From the Darkness of Khaos" is to reveal the hidden governments of the world and expose them into the light and minds of the 95% ignorant in today's world. Each song deals with a specific topic on the Iraq war, 9/11, Multinational corporations, Religion as an ignorant tool of enslavement, and the hidden elect or Illuminati secret societies which are slowly changing the world we live in to a uni-polar Orwellian state where only one government has the means to control and subjugate your life. Songs like "Kein Entkommen" give a vision of Corporate tyranny over the common man as they slowly destroy natural resource to gain profit to become an establisment that is too powerfull to stop. Thus none escape the grasp of total control they have. "Black September" is a song about the planes destroying the World Trade Center and changing the outlook of the Western thought towards third world states. "The West Will Conquer" is a song that has a militant and patriotic anthem like any good propaganda piece to inspire a people to become active and involved in their countries agenda. The current album contains these tracks and many others like "Khaos Theory" and "From the Darkness of Khaos". Some songs are more dark and futuristic industrial, where as other songs are more classical and neo-militant". [from the press-release]