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Bog Bodies - What Have They Committed In The Folds Of The Flesh? flac album

Bog Bodies - What Have They Committed In The Folds Of The Flesh? flac album
What Have They Committed In The Folds Of The Flesh?
Bog Bodies
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Bog Bodies Calgary, Alberta.

A bog body is a human cadaver that has been naturally mummified in a peat bog. Such bodies, sometimes known as bog people, are both geographically and chronologically widespread, having been dated to between 8000 BCE and the Second World War. The unifying factor of the bog bodies is that they have been found in peat and are partially preserved; however, the actual levels of preservation vary widely from perfectly preserved to mere skeletons.

A guest arrives claiming to be a long lost relative. Are they telling the truth or do they suspect something about a hidden secret? So begins 'In The Folds Of The Flesh' an almost forgotten Spanish exploitation thriller that continually twists and turns. Full of surprises, trippy imagery, and an unexpected Nazi flashback, this is recommended to fans of Jess Franco's classic 'Succubus' and similar 60s/70s European sexploitation. It may not reach Franco's over the top absurdity and sheer strangeness, but it has a lot of fun trying, and I enjoyed it a great deal.

Even the best-preserved bog bodies emerge looking like golems, rudely crafted from leather and mud. These accidental mummies have inspired generations of scholars and writers, including famed psychologist Carl Jung and the late Irish poet Seamus Heaney. But while nearly 1,000 bodies have been found in the bogs, only a few hundred have been carefully studied. In his ethnographic work Germania, he alleged that German tribes killed and buried in the bog people who had committed adultery and other deeds of shame, including cowards, shirkers and sodomites. Many scholars have since questioned the accuracy of Tacitus’ claims. Eamonn Kelly, an expert in Irish bog bodies formerly with the National Museum of Ireland, posits that Oldcroghan Man was a failed king, contender to the throne, or royal hostage sacrificed to a fertility goddess.

Bog bodies, or the bog people, are extremely well-preserved ancient corpses that have been discovered in peatlands of Northern Europe. The peatlands appear to have served as mass graveyards from BCE to medieval times, and many of the bodies reveal violent deaths. From kings to commoners, adults to children, each body tells a different story of life and death. Many mummified peat bodies show amazing preservation, and the clues that accompany the mummies often reveal grim circumstances. The following are some of the most intriguing and mysterious bodies of the peatlands.

So the best bog bodies are created in winter. Tollund Man from Denmark is a product of these optimal conditions. The lack of meat and fresh vegetables in his last meal indicates that whoever deposited him in the bog did so in the winter or early spring. By the time that temperatures had risen sufficiently for bacteria to grow, Tollund Man’s body tissues were pickled; soaked in bog acid and protected from decay. These conditions are why Tollund Man is one of the best-preserved examples of a bog body

The bog bodies examined in this video are victims. Violently killed thousands of years ago, these corpses of men, women, and children have been naturally preserved by the unique chemistry of Northern Europe’s bogs. Today, archaeologists and anthropologists are acting as crime-scene investigators. They’re using their knowledge of chemistry, geology, and human behavior to better understand the circumstances that led to these gruesome deaths.

Bog bodies are bodies that have been cast into or who fell into bogs while alive. Peat bogs, bogs with rich mats of sphagnum moss, are fairly common in Europe, especially in Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia. Many of the bogs are thousands of. Lindow Man: 2000 year old bog body. The bog water interacts with the acids in the moss and produce tannin and other chemicals that preserve the bodies that fall or are cast into the bog; hence the numerous well-preserved bog bodies. From a Celtic point of view, the most interesting bodies are those that are a thousand or more years old, many of which appear to have been deliberate sacrifices, willing or unwilling, for ritual purposes. Because of the preservative qualities of the bog, tissues, even soft organ tissue, stomach contents, hair, nails, and clothing are frequently preserved well enough for forensic analysis.


1 Blind-Beast-Masseuse-In-Heat 2:06
2 Prosthesis 1:31
3 Hotlips 1:56
4 The Body Beneath... The Body Beneath... 2:07
5 Who'll Bury Who? 1:25
6 Studded Codpiece 2:01
7 Razor Is The Law 1:51
8 C.L.O.N.E.S 1:18
9 Hexenmilch 1:14
10 Maniakill 1:10
11 Who Wove The Scarlet Tapestries Upon The Throats Of Ducklings? 1:09
12 What Have They Committed In The Folds Of The Flesh? 4:20
13 Venereal Anarchy 1:10
14 Bloodsuds & Boneshavings 4:01