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Sensations, The - I Was Born A Loser flac album

Sensations, The - I Was Born A Loser flac album
I Was Born A Loser
Sensations, The
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I Was Never Born A Loser. UNTOLD episode one of three (1-3). Written bye Sdumani Wiseman Musa Mbatha. That confused Zethu (18) because she knew no one can knock that time of the night and.

You run around telling all your friends My little secrets, I told you in confidence And all the stories are making a star out of me You got the act and drama down You turn them all against me in this town. Am I the only one who sees? You're a born loser, you're out of your mind You're a born loser, and I was so blind You're a born loser, loser. You're losing me for good this time You're losing me for good this time. You 're gonna lose me You're a born loser You 're gonna lose me You're born a loser

Louis Was Born a Loser. A boy with no pride A boy with no drive A boy of no kind A boy of no life. A boy of no friends Or at least none that lasted A boy of no mends Just broken and blasted. A boy without money A boy without fame A boy without anything To hold to his name. His hands were all bloody From the dice and the shame Never had much money But Louis was a saint

The Born Loser is a newspaper comic strip created by Art Sansom in 1965. His son, Chip Sansom, who started assisting on the strip in 1989, is the current artist. The strip is distributed by Newspaper Enterprise Association. The Sansoms won the 1987 National Cartoonists Society Humor Comic Strip Award and the 1990 Newspaper Comic Strip Award. Art Sansom created The Born Loser after spending 20 years churning out the illustrations on his syndicate's serious strips

Mike From Drugs Inc: Heroin Island) Started using drugs at the age of 17. My friend's where into pills and i really wasn't into it at the time. And I uh, i did my 1st pill and uh I feel in love instantly. It was just that feeling I could never describe, It Was so beautiful like, i felt like untouchable like Nothing could stop me, Ya Know? . Born Loser is about my past addiction to prescription pills. I wanted to focus more on cause and affect since Xanny Marley was more of the experience, this song is the who,what,where,when & why. After the song was made i found the sample at the beginning from the show "Drugs Inc: Heroin Island which basically takes you on a in depth look about the heroin epidemic out here on Staten Island. The Sample resonated with me because he explained how he started from pills and graduated to herion. The pill soundbyte sealed the deal.