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Vimanas - There Are Others flac album
There Are Others
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December 8, 2017 ·. Belas fotos de nosso último som no Armazén . Armazén Bar added 49 new photos to the album: VIMANAS & LADY DRIVE - with Vitor Garnica and 2 others. December 7, 2017 ·. Bandas: VIMANAS.

I'm walking with Sophie tonight She lives in the air that I breathe I can't get it out of my mind how you were left to bleed Was it how you dressed or how you act I can't believe how they could act so violently without regret well, we will not forget.

Called vimanas (pronounced vimans ) in Sanskrit, such flying vehicles appear throughout India’s ancient texts, especially in combat sequences, when gods and divine beings battle their enemies high above the earth. Chariots flown by gods are not unique to Indian mythology: the Greek god Apollo flies the Sun Chariot; Kay Kavus, the mythological Persian king steers a flying throne to China; and Thor, of the Norse tradition, commandeers the Chariot of Thunder. Authors like Childress and Daniken – and there are countless others – claim that vimanas are evidence of advanced ancient technology that was invented, perfected, and then lost over time by what vimana expert Dr. Pinotti calls a forgotten superior civilization in ancient India. So is there any convincing, tangible evidence that these ancient flying machines existed? Well, no.

The vocals are similar to Converge again, a little less extreme though, and there are moments when he’ll lower his voice into what seems to be singing. He does have a unique voice, and it goes very well with the music. Each song follows the same formula of shifting between heavier moments, and softer moments. However, whether or not the music is heavy or soft, it’s most often very catchy

Evidence of unexplained ancient aircraft can be found across the planet especially in areas where major civilizations once thrived. Physical evidence of alien intervention in human history is undeniable. The "agnihotra-vimana" with two engines. Agni means fire in Sanskrit.

Vimāna are the mythological flying palaces or chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. The Pushpaka Vimana of the king Ravana (who took it from Lord Kubera; Rama returned it to Kubera) is the most quoted example of a vimana. Vimanas are also mentioned in Jain texts. The Sanskrit word vi-māna (विमान) literally means "measuring out, traversing" or "having been measured out".

Vimanas are described in ancient Indian literature as the ‘chariots of the gods’, a sort of technological vehicles similar to modern one but also able to have much more incredible powers in confront to our airplanes. In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called „vimanas. These fall into two categories: (1) manmade craft that resemble airplanes and fly with the aid of birdlike wings, and (2) unstreamlined structures that fly in a mysterious manner and are generally not made by human beings.

About We Are the Others. This song, the title track of Delain’s third album, is a tribute to British girl Sophie Lancaster who was brutally murdered in 2007. It is widely believed she and her boyfriend were attacked because they were dressed like goths and the assault was an act of hatred towards that culture. The murder attracted tributes and sympathy from goths (as well as punk, metal and other similar subcultures) all around the world, including this song

This implys they were witnessed by the scribes of India and documented for others to imagine and understand. As we read them with contemporary understanding of technology, we can see how the ancient Indians were describing UFOs and airplanes in primitive terms they understood: Chariots carry people. Flying chariots carrying the gods is an accurate description of flying saucers used by advanced alien beings (the gods) to travel great distances through the sky. The predecessors of the flying vimanas of the Sanskrit epics are the flying chariots employed by various gods in the Vedas: the Sun and.


1 It Wasn't In The Attic, Like You Said 3:29
2 I Like That You Like Star Wars 3:58
3 Fossil Eyes 3:07
4 Carbon Dioxide 3:53
5 We Sighed, Along The Milky Way 3:44