» » Anodyne Industries - Void / I Think You Like Me / He Just Fell Over

Anodyne Industries - Void / I Think You Like Me / He Just Fell Over flac album

Anodyne Industries - Void / I Think You Like Me / He Just Fell Over flac album
Void / I Think You Like Me / He Just Fell Over
Anodyne Industries
Drum n Bass
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Album NAV. Some Way Lyrics. my girls, of my girls gon' get over me Shout-out to Hawk, shout-out Dooly, shout-out Hennessy Them be my bros, be my bros 'til the death of me Nobody, nobody know how I really be I got some bars for a nigga if he wanna see Dress up your talk if a nigga wanna talk to me Fuck your phone. calls, I don't want apologies Everyone said, yeah, they said I was gonna peak Most number ones, number ones in a nigga league I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me She say my fuck, and my tongue game a remedy. Oh yeah, yeah I just hit a lick, and I know you.

Just Fell In". noitacidem rouy rof emit s'ti, seidal yakO. It was 8:15 When I pulled into the 7 Eleven I bought a 12 ounce coffee And I threw down a 357. I guess I was thinking I would never be found Next thing I knew I was spread-eagle Down on the ground. I just fell into a manic depression And I really want to spend it with you. I got pretty paper shoes And I'm weaving you a basket for Christmas Three hots and a cot And a cellmate who keeps calling me missus

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1 Void 4:55
2 I Think You Like Me 5:34
3 He Just Fell Over 4:41