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Committed dose equivalent and Committed effective dose equivalent are dose quantities used in the United States system of Radiological Protection for irradiation due to an internal source.

The committed effective dose from exposure to thoron progeny was obtained from the thoron equilibrium equivalent concentration and dosimetric models for inhalation and distribution of airbone radioactivity by human body. These models incorporate the data on respiratory tract deposition and clearance of particles, as well as the behaviour of inhaled radionuclide in the body. In this study, we assess the committed effective dose from thoron for workers of those two places. Sampling and measument techniques.

The ICRP states "Radionuclides incorporated in the human body irradiate the tissues over time periods determined by their physical half-life and their biological retention within the body. Thus they may give rise to doses to body tissues for many months or years after the intake. The need to regulate exposures to radionuclides and the accumulation of radiation dose over extended periods of time has led to the definition of committed dose quantities". The ICRP defines two dose quantities for individual committed dose.

The committed dose in radiological protection is a measure of the stochastic health risk due to an intake of radioactive material into the human body. Stochastic in this context is defined as the probability of cancer induction and genetic damage, due to low levels of radiation. The SI unit of measure is the sievert. The committed dose is not intended as a measure for deterministic effects such as radiation sickness which is defined as the severity of a health effect which is certain to happen. The radiation risk proposed by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) predicts that an effective dose of one sievert carries a . % chance of developing cancer. Such a risk is the sum of both internal and external radiation dose.

The committed effective dose is used to demonstrate compliance with dose limits and is entered into the "dose of record" for occupational exposures used for recording, reporting and retrospective demonstration of compliance with regulatory dose limits. The ICRP further states "For internal exposure, committed effective doses are generally determined from an assessment of the intakes of radionuclides from bioassay measurements or other quantities (. activity retained in the body or in daily excreta). There is no direct way to measure committed dose. Estimates can be made by analyzing the data from whole body counting, blood samples, urine samples, fecal samples, biopsies, and measurement of intake.

Committed dose, The committed dose in radiological protection is a measure of the stochastic health risk due to an intake of radioactive material into the human. time has led to the definition of committed dose quantities"2. Committed equivalent dose, H Tt is the time integral of the equivalent dose rate in a particular tissue or organ that will be received by an individual following intake of radioactive material into the body by a Reference Person, where t is the integration time in years3 This refers specifically to the dose in a specific tissue or organ, in the similar.

Committed dose allows to determine the biological consequences of irradiation caused by radioactive material, that is inside our body. A committed dose of 1 Sv from an internal source represents the same effective risk as the same amount of effective dose of 1 Sv applied uniformly to the whole body from an external source. As an example, let assume an intake of radioactive tritium. For tritium, the annual limit intake (ALI) is 1 x 109 Bq. If you take in 1 x 109 Bq of tritium, you will receive a whole-body dose of 20 mSv. Note that, the biological half-life about 10 days, while the radioactive.


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